How to stay organized on a remote schedule

Many schools, including Findlay High School, have gone remote and are using online learning. Students at FHS have expressed concerns about staying organized throughout the remote learning and how difficult it can be. Students have also said that being organized is important to success.

“OneNote allows me to keep my to-do list going on my laptop and phone” Instructor of Studio Art at SDSU, Elijah Van Benschoten, said.

OneNote is an organizational program which allows users to input different tasks, including the length of the tasks and how long it would take to complete the task, and then creates a to-do list. Van Benschoten says that he likes this because he can access it on his laptop or phone which makes it easy to access.

“I’m always tinkering with how I organize things to see if I can improve even more” Van Benschoten said.

He says that OneNote by Microsoft is one of the best organizational programs that he has utilized for his tasks. Van Benschoten highly recommends his students to use OneNote if they are struggling with staying organized or are just interested in trying something new.

“Having a specific, well organized workspace can help your mind focus whenever you sit down to work” researchers at Villanova University said.

The workspace should, preferably, be as quiet as possible and without distractions. Having this workspace can train your mind to know when it is time to focus and work. Being more focused can also help produce better quality work.

“I have a pretty strict color coding method when it comes to my school work and I feel that it helps me keep my things straight” sophomore Hannah Beard said.

Beard is a student enrolled in Trojan Academy and has found some ways to stay organized including color coding. She says that color coding, whether it be using a font color, changing the color of the Google Drive folder, or anything else, has really helped.

“I swear I am usually like the least organized person but color coding has made me a lot more organized” Beard said.

She says that being remote is tough and Trojan Academy is tough but being organized through color coding is really helpful.

“I know that there are a lot of memes about rewarding yourself with a break after doing almost no work but taking breaks actually works and I have to take them. If I don’t, I get scatterbrain and get so unorganized” sophomore Kylee Timbrook said.

Timbrook is also a student in Trojan Academy and recommends taking breaks because it helps her stress less which results in better organization. She says that her stress level can seem to dictate her organization skills and being less stressed, improves them.

Staying organized while learning remotely can be extremely difficult but there are many ways that can help lower that difficulty.

“It’s awful staying organized at the beginning, but as you get the hang of it, it gets easier” Hannah Beard said.

Other ways to stay organized
Establish a routine
Stay ahead of schedule
Write down important details
Avoid multitasking
Clear off work space every night