35 Things to do while Quarantined.

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  • A vollyeball.

  • Playing fetch.

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Stuck in your room for two weeks because one of your friends or classmates tested positive for COVID and you have to quarantine yourself? Don’t worry! A list of things to do while quarantined has been compiled to combat your boredom and keep you busy without going out.

Schoolwork. With needing to be out for two entire weeks of precious class time, you’ll need to stay caught up with all of your classes.

1. Have a dance party at 2 in the morning.

2. Read a book you haven’t read since elementary school.

(This is more for if you can go outside in your backyard without endangering your parents or siblings.) Play fetch with your dog.

3. Hit a volleyball (or a ball that won’t punch a hole in the wall) against your wall for a while.

4. Watch a show you’ve been wanting to watch but haven’t had the time to.

5. Go online shopping for an entirely new wardrobe. You don’t have to buy anything, just explore new styles.

6. Listen to your favorite music artist’s entire discography.

7. Explore new music genres.

8. Try drawing or writing.

9. Paint a Spotify song on a piece of glass.

10. Have a fashion show.

11. Make a flower crown.

12. Bake some bread.

13. Play a scary game at night.

14. Dedicate about six-and-a-half hours to listening to The Caretaker’s album/project “Everywhere at the End of Time.” The album is divided into six stages, depicting the way that dementia destroys your sense of identity.

15. Explore a subject or topic you know virtually nothing about and make it one of your strongest knowledge points. Spend a whole day researching it just for fun.

16. Try reality shifting. This is essentially where you spend an extended period of time meditating in an attempt to shift your consciousness into another world or reality. Do your research on how it works and methods before trying this.

17. Try to learn a song on an instrument you have never played before. You can find tabs or chords for most instruments online and there are many piano tutorials for songs that are not primarily on the piano.

18. Make a goofy video to keep for the future and upload it onto a thumb drive so you can watch it later.

19. Make a time capsule.

20. Write a detailed letter to yourself about the life you think you’ll have in the future. Include things about your job, the city you think you’ll live in, maybe even the house or apartment you think you’ll have in the future.

21. Let yourself fall into the YouTube wormhole. Take this however you wish, whether it be conspiracy theory videos or those weird AskReddit videos.

22. Research a conspiracy theory you have an interest in.

23. Try a food you’ve been scared of trying. If you can’t get out to try it, try to make it if the recipe isn’t hard.

24. Draw a detailed blueprint of what you want your future house to look like.

25. Play a video game you haven’t played in years or look through your photos on an old device.

26. Redecorate your bedroom. Rearrange your furniture, hang up some drawings or posters, maybe even some LED light strings.

27. Spend 24 hours listening to one song on repeat. (This is mental torture and you will hate the song by the time you come out of it, so you probably shouldn’t do this with a song you really like)

28. Clean out your closet.

29. Dig through your old school things. Binders, folders, art projects. Whatever you can find, look at it.

30. Take a day to do self care. Take a long bath or shower, make your favorite food, drink a warm drink and just relax.

31. Listen to your favorite playlist and have a concert for your pet.

32. Do a photoshoot in your room with random objects you find or with your pets.

33. Check up on your friends and ask how they’re doing.

34. That concludes our list of 35 things to do while quarantined. We hope you enjoy the ideas and maybe even come up with some of your own while keeping others safe by quarantining.

35. Stay safe! Remember to wash your hands and always wear a mask!