Toy Baby Yoda and Wildfires

We have all heard about the good old wildfire bear ¨Smokey the Bear.” But have you heard of the 21st century version of Smokey?This little green boy may look like a baby but this thing is over fifty years old and its name is The Child or better known as ¨Baby Yoda.

One day, Sasha Tinning and her grandson, Carver, were shopping for donations for their local firefighters in Scappoose, OR.When they came across a little green toy from a show called,¨The Mandalorian, Sasha said that maybe they should take him to the firefighters. Her grandson agreed so they bought him and took him to the fire station. Carver got a piece of paper and a pen and wrote this ¨Here is a friend for you in case you get lonely¨ now that toy and carver special note travel with the firefighters wherever they go. The firefighters were so happy that when they went on duty they took the little green toy and now when they meet another team of firefighters they trade off the toy and let them have a friend to make them a little less lonely.

¨It makes them think of their loved ones back at home, the one they left behind will be out working very long days and doing their, not so fun tasks.¨Staff Sgt. Jaebyn Drake, a firefighter for the Oregon Air National Guard, said.(CNN)

What Staff Sgt. Jaedyn Drake said that we really do think about what is happening to or firefighters most of us are worried about the ecosystem.Most of us don’t even think about our firefighters so for when they get a gift that means so much it give them hope that someone see that they have give a lot to protect us. For a firefighter their on duty 24/7 so that means that their families hardly get to see them.