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Hurricane Otis hits Mexico

Mexico is passing through a horrible natural catastrophe with Hurricane Otis. This hurricane injured and killed approximately 100 people mostly in Acapulco, Mexico. Hurricane Otis is a category 5 hurricane with wind speed up to 115 mph.

Meteorologists say that two of the causes of the Hurricane are warming oceans and climate change, which means that we’re more likely to see storming activities. Otis originally was recorded as a minor storm but then it increased in intensity, transforming itself into this massive hurricane. Otis became the strongest storm ever recorded in the history of the Pacific Ocean.

The city of Acapulco has a population of approximately 900,000 people. This city started to be desperate for basic sources like food and water. Fishermen and tourists who were in Acapulco’s Honda playa said that there were people missing. The authorities are trying to find these people but apparently it is not enough.

In a press conference with the Government and authorities, they were planning to bring basic sources to Acapulco. The cost of the damage is valued at $15 billion dollars according to estimates, also Mexico has sended 17,000 militars to Acapulco for the distribution of food and supplies.
Mexico had sent equipment to Acapulco to clean the aftermath of Otis but the fallen trees and mud made the way to Acapulco really tough. The president of Mexico Andres Lopez Obrador confirmed that the hurricane left the city without electricity. Hospitals have received damage from this hurricane with an approximately number of 120 hospitals and clinics.

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Scientists say that Otis could be the start of a series of hurricanes all over the world. If they count the warm oceans, wind and humidity, this kind of catastrophes would happen more often and maybe the world is not ready for that.

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