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Human Skull found in Thrift Store

Human skull discovered in thrift store

Earlier this week an anthropologist decided to browse a Florida thrift store and instead was shocked to discover a real human skull being displayed on one of the shelves.

The store owner had this skull displayed by the check out to add some halloween spirit to the store. Once the concerned anthropologist had reported this the store owners confirmed it was real and explained where they had found such a decoration.

“People ask what’s the strangest thing I’ve ever found in a locker. I can honestly say a human skull,” Brian Copeland, an employee at the store, explained.

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The store had been hired to clean out a storage unit years prior, eventually finding this skull and deciding to put it out for display every october. When the Sheriff’s office arrived at the store and investigated they reported that it would be looked at carefully by the county. The case has been decidedly nothing of a darker nature.

“It’s totally different to see a human skull on TV than to hold one in real life.” The thrift shop owner speaks on the incident. “When you hold it and you see it in your hands it’s just surreal.”

The store owner had been known for owning a plethora of interesting and unique items, this human skull being one of them, she had prided herself on a collection. She even owns a pig head and many antique items from all over the globe.

She smiled when she remembered how the anthropologist, now terrified, had “immediately called the sheriff’s office talking about there’s a skull in this thrift store.” not having expected to actually scare anyone.

“The Lee county Sheriff’s office will work in conjunction with the district 21 Medical Examiner’s Office to facilitate further testing of the skull,” Authorities said, where they might have even discovered the ethnicity of the skull.

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