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Best Thanksgiving food

With October coming to a close, Thanksgiving is the holiday of November. Delicious food is plated out on a table surrounded by family and friends. Some food people grab more in comparison to others, but what is the best Thanksgiving food?

Thanksgiving food varies from family to family, but the majority of the time the staples are put into place each year. Including some popular favorites such as turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and casseroles.

Stuffing can be the best food on Thanksgiving when made correctly. Especially by sharing the tradition of making fresh stuffing. Including bread, broth, and vegetables to make the best side dish on Thanksgiving. Yet, the majority of people do not agree with stuffing being the best food on Thanksgiving.

According to a survey conducted by, turkey is the best and most popular main dish on Thanksgiving. While states that according to their survey, mashed potatoes serve as the best side during Thanksgiving.

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“Ham is the best Thanksgiving food and stuffing is the worst,” sophomore Anahi Gonzalez stated.

In addition to this debate, other students have an opposing argument.

“Mashed potatoes are my favorite Thanksgiving food and turkey is the most overrated,” sophomore Chloe Spearman stated.

While Thanksgiving offers a multitude of delicious food, dessert should not go forgotten. Pecan pie serves a great flavor that brings out the festive joys of Thanksgiving. However, according to a survey conducted by, 39.1% out of 550 people reported that pumpkin pie is the best dessert.

“Pumpkin pie is the best dessert,” sophomore Bella Woltz stated.

Stuffing is the all time best Thanksgiving food due to the freshness. Yet, interviewing sophomore students brings to realization many people do not agree. Additionally, many disagree that pecan pie is the best Thanksgiving dessert. Pumpkin pie holds the favorite for many students and conducting studies show that as well. Opinions on the best Thanksgiving food may vary, but Thanksgiving still holds value to everyone who celebrates.

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