Thanksgiving traditions

With Thanksgiving approaching, now is a great time to talk about traditions. What does a typical Thanksgiving look like? Well for many, it is the well-known Thanksgiving dinner, unnecessary debates about politics among the adults, fighting over the wishbone, and watching the Macy’s Day Parade.

“I hate when people talk politics on Thanksgiving. Just be grateful,” senior Xavier Ball said.

Politics are practically considered a customary part of Thanksgiving. The adults sit and talk about politics for way too long, only pointing out the negative. Long hours of gossip later and they are going home, what a great day. Not everyone has families who do this, but many do.

“I love the turkey, but I feel like some things aren’t necessarily accurate to what the first Thanksgiving had,” Emma Tate noted.

It is often agreed upon that the best part of any Thanksgiving day is the food. The traditional meal of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, some sort of vegetable, and pumpkin pie that everyone knows. Whether it is accurate or not, it is the part many look forward to.

The Macy’s Day Parade is arguably one of the most well known parades to exist. Almost every family in America is livestreaming the parade every Thanksgiving morning. Watching all the parade floats go past and seeing what they are for always is an interest.

“I’ve been to the Macy’s Day Parade in person. I think it’s a really fun, positive thing they do. It’s really cool to see all the celebrities that show up for it,” senior Delaney Spradlin said.

The wishbone is the superstitious deciding factor for someone’s whole year. If someone wins, then they will have a great year. If someone loses, they are cursed with bad luck. Some people don’t want to take the risk of getting the bad luck side and refuse to participate at all.

“The wishbone is a good thing we do every year. I feel like it really works, good or bad,” freshman Jillian Budreau comments.

Regardless of if all Thanksgivings are like this for everyone or not these are just some of the well known traditions.