Clean4Green is a club at FHS that is run by Urmika Ghosh. They do projects that can help benefit the environment.

“Clean4Green is an environmental based club where we create many projects throughout the year,” senior Urmika Ghosh said.

Urmika created this club to help better the environment around Findlay High School. There are many different ways that it can be helped and she is doing just that. Clean4Green is not just to help the environment but is also to bring students together and work on different projects.

“Clean4Green is the best place to gain leadership […] We also give multiple volunteering opportunities. So whatever the goal may be for a person like getting more hours or more leadership qualities for their college resume,” Ghosh said.
Clean4Green can also be helpful for college, some colleges like to see lots of volunteer hours and this could help with that. It is also good to be in clubs while in high school and this is a good one to be in.
“Our mission is to aspire more people to become more environmentally aware and lead them to more resources that help them to make an impact in our community and school,” Ghosh said.

It is not just about the volunteer hours and looking nice for colleges, but it is nice to just be a part of and help better the community. This is definitely a good way to go if you want to help in that aspect, especially if you have some free time on your hands.

Some ways that you would be helping the environment could be reusing products so they do not just get tossed out and build up pollution. Even something that small and simple could start to help make a change in this world, and that could be very beneficial in the future.

Clean4Green meets up Thursdays after school at 2:50 at Mrs. Cole’s 163 room. If interested in joining Clean4Green please emailat [email protected].