Netflix Shows to Binge

It is fall, which means the days are ending earlier and the temperature is dropping. What better way to spend those chilly, early evenings than binging a new show?

Netflix caters to a large audience, which means they have a large variety and offer thousands of shows, 1,800 to be exact. With that being said, there is no doubt that anyone can find something they like.

It is no surprise that “Stranger Things” was a top pick for most. It is an enticing horror drama that follows a group of friends in Indiana in the 1980’s. The kids stumble upon a strange girl in the woods while searching for their missing friend whose disappearance is not what it seems.

“‘Stranger Things’ was amazing,” freshman Lavender Galloway says.

For some people it can be hard to watch shows because they get bored with the plot, or the show is unable to hold the attention of the viewer for the duration of the series, which does not seem to be the case with “End of The F****** World.” The show follows two teenagers, one who believes himself to be a psychopath and a girl who sees the boy as an escape from her treacherous homelife.

“The drama and just stuff that kept you wondering about it,” freshmen Atlas Hermiller states.

The last drama to talk about is “The Originals”. The Originals is a spin off the “The Vampire Diaries” series where Klaus is the main protagonist, he is returning to New Orleans to investigate rumors that have been started about him.

“I was interested because it was scary, and it kept me wanting more because I like scary things,” freshman Phoebe Albrecht says

Moving away from the thrillers, “Heartstopper” is the next and last pick. What started as a web series, Heartstopper is a coming of age story of two boys Nick and Charlie as they make their way through life and discover their friendship may be more than that.

“I think it’d be my first pick, I genuinely enjoyed the show and was like very into it the entire time I watched it,” freshman McKenzie Milam thinks

It can be hard to find things to watch, and thankfully Netflix has thousands of shows to choose from. So, go ahead and give one of these a watch, who knows maybe you will find your new favorite show.