Advice to Freshman

The freshmen of the 2022-2023 school year have experienced their first few weeks at Findlay High School. Coming into high school can be a big change and many freshmen have a hard time adjusting to the different workload.

Getting upperclassmen and staff advice can always help because they have more experience.

“My freshman year could have gone a lot smoother if someone would have told me not to let my missing work pileup,” senior Baylee Shoemaker said.

Getting work done by the due date will always be the best option as well as never having to worry about missing work and being behind.

“I wish that when I got behind I would have reached out to my teacher and asked for help,” Shoemaker said.

Make sure to constantly be checking emails. If getting behind in some classes does end up happening, be sure to reach out to teachers in order to understand what is expected and how to achieve it.

“Take school seriously, because it tends to sneak up on you. As well as your GPA, it matters from your freshman year on,” school counselor, Ms. Dyer said.

School is very important and keeping an acceptable GPA level is a good way to assure a successful future.

Make sure to have a good support group. Do not suffer because of having friends that create unnecessary drama.

“Get out of the situation and try to make new friends. There are plenty of people who want to be your friend,” Ms. Dyer said.

If help is needed, reach out to the staff at FHS. They strive for their students to be successful at all times.

Set yourself up for success during your high school career. Keep your grades and GPA up. Do not forget to enjoy yourself and make good friends.

Be sure to have everything set up for success including keeping grades and GPA up. Also be sure to enjoy high school and make good friends.