Blue Crew


This school year, the student-run club Blue Crew has been working to promote Trojan spirit not only on campus, but at athletic games too. The dedicated group collaborates with local radio stations, students, and clubs to create a school and social environment that endorses inclusivity and aims to create a unique experience for the student body and staff at Findlay High School.

“We try our best to make a fun environment for everyone. We’re trying to make, and cultivate, an environment for everyone to have a good time,” an FHS senior and prominent Blue Crew member Josh Baker says.

Blue Crew has dedicated many of their meetings this year to Findlay’s student section and encourage attendance to athletic events. Members of the club even create promotional videos for Friday night football, sharing different ways to dress to the theme of the game. The students of Blue Crew not only demonstrate school pride, but help spread it in creative and effective ways.

“The Blue Crew works to make fun themes that everyone can participate in, and provides t-shirts, props, chants for the games to increase school spirit,” an FHS senior and student section leader for Blue Crew, Lizzy Lane, says.

The administrators of Blue Crew are just as passionate as the students. Mrs. Nugeness, a math teacher and cheer coach at FHS, works alongside the students in the creation of projects and brainstorming ideas for upcoming games and school events.

With it being the club’s first year, Blue Crew has successfully gained a large number of members who are proud to be Trojans, and display it in the effort they put into the various projects they have created. Blue Crew is taking the leap to push FHS one step further, and it is making an impact like never before.

“Blue Crew gives me a creative opportunity to put my thoughts for what our student section to be out for all to participate in,” Josh Baker says.