Findlay High Schools Hires New Staff


Findlay High School introduced 17 new staff members for the 2022-2023 school year. These positions range from assistant principal to teacher’s aide. The new staff members have many goals to help the high school thrive.

FHS hired a new Spanish teacher this year. Ms. Bils joined the school to teach Spanish 2 and 5.

“My first week has been great!” Bils says.“My goal is to bring positivity and kindness with me wherever I go.”

While hiring this many people can seem like a big change for the school, it has brought new ideas into the school and school environment. Some of the new staff have come from other Findlay City Schools, and as they came, they brought ideas from their previous schools.

Mr. Williams is one of the new assistant principals. He was formerly head principal at Donnell Middle School. As an assistant principal, he will be in charge of leading the new “LEAD” program. He also commented that he will oversee the new E-Hallpass system established this year.

“I am excited to bring some of the pieces together kind of like we had at Donnell during the pep rallies to bring up the school spirit,” Mr. Williams comments on his goals.

Mrs. Williams is a new English teacher at the high school. She teaches both 10th and 11th grade CP English.
She has some fascantaiting goals for this school year and her future at Findlay High School.

“My goal is to help facilitate a sense of community, that they know and can count on me and my classroom being a place where they feel valuable, heard, and seen,” she explains.

As Findlay High School’s new staff adjusts to their new building, the students are adjusting to their new staff and administration team, as well as becoming more comfortable with both them and their goals for the upcoming school year and future of the high school.