Books n Brownies

The Books n Brownies club held their first meeting on September 20. The club meets in the library from 2:45 p.m till 3:00 p.m once a month.

The club is dedicated to bringing together people who like to read.

“We do book-related activities, talk about things we like in books, and we eat brownies,” Librarian Mrs. Brasfield said.

During these meets, they pick a theme and then choose a book based on that theme and read till the next month then they talk about the book that they had read. During their meets the library staff have homemade brownies for everybody to enjoy while talking about the books everybody has read.

In the first meeting, it was a get to know each other. There were about 15 students at the first meeting. They got to know each other by using a game with different questions about things they read. They used dice to determine which question each person answered.

They also learned about each other’s reading habits with sticker charts. Many of the students enjoy reading sci-fi, fantasy, and romance books.

“Anybody can join the club at any time, like if you played a winter sport you can come join us in the spring or vice versa. Everybody is welcome to join the Books ‘n’ Brownies club,” Librarian Mrs Brasfield says.

The Books n Brownies club has been around since the school year of 2007-2008 and Mrs. Brasfield has been the sponsor for 9 years now. Despite her long-time involvement, the club was not originally started by Mrs. Brasfield.

“I did not start the club, but the principal who hired me 9 years ago asked me to be a part of the club. We have a fantastic group of students each year,” Brasfield said.

Mrs. Brasfield expresses how much she enjoys the Books ‘n’ Brownies club, and seeing all the students there, enjoying reading and a wonderful sweet treat.