Top/Budget Friendly Christmas Gifts for 2021

Due to Christmas being right around the corner many people are eager to have the hottest new things on their wish lists. Many kids this year are desperately wanting to get their hands on the new PS5 or XBOX series. Due to the Chip shortage PS5’s are being sold for around $1,034 when XBOX series x is being sold for around $728 and that’s not even counting the games that on average cost $70-80.

With an Average-american spending around $635 per person on their kids it is safe to say that is a better idea for a child who wants one of these expensive consoles to wait later in the year once they make enough chips so that the prices don’t have to be 3 times of what they actually are for the consoles.

But there are also many other budget-friendly options for people who won a good Christmas and there are parents who don’t want to spend $1,034 on the brand new PS5 when they could have been getting something much cheaper that will still make their kids excited for Christmas without breaking the bank.

Kids care about what they look like and With the temperature dropping Drastically due to it being the winter season more than likely people do not want to wear paper thin socks when is -5 degrees,there’s 3 inches of snow on the ground and you still have to get on a bus that is made out of metal and has no heat. in this case a budget-friendly Christmas gift that any kid would like “fluffy socks” as stated by Sophie Powell. This is a great Christmas gift for anybody who wants to stay warm during the Christmas season with most socks only costing a mere $5 per pair. It is cheap and we’ll have a lot of value during the Christmas season.

Candy is always a win during the Christmas season because it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t eat a few candy canes,York Peppermint Patties or some red white and green colored m&m’s.With candy being so cheap it is a great stocking stuffers / gift for any kid. They even make a wide variety of candy that even kids that are allergic to certain types of food products can enjoy.

With today’s demographic Being interested in a lot of the style and things that were in the 80s such as back to the future,bright colored shoes and unique polos it is no wonder that “records” as said by Natalie Martinez. This would be a popular Christmas gift with vinyl records being within the 3 to 24 dollar range. It would not be a bad idea to pick up a vinyl record of your loved ones favorite artist for this holiday season.

With this day in age of covid most people would like to be able to watch their favorite movies at home instead of having to go to a nasty unsanitary theater . In this case a Netflix subscription is something that you would want to invest in for a loved one or yourself this holiday season due to it having a wide variety of shows,movies and more.Those shows and movies appeal with anyone of any age there will most likely be something that anyone can enjoy.

It is a debate about how many presents a child should receive for Christmas Because on one hand you want to see your child genuinely happy because they got the gift that they wanted or you could see your child happy for having five smaller gifts that they like but “10 gifts “ As said by Miley Fratz. This is one of the most perfect gifts to give to a child . This could mean giving your child 1 big present and 9 little, 3 medium and 7 small or 5 big and 5 small presents. It could mean any type of combination of presents on a wide variety of budgets.

With all of these Christmas present ideas from Christmas socks to Netflix subscriptions all of these Christmas ideas come down to everyone just wanting their kids/loved ones to have the best Christmas ever and to see their family shine with joy and seeing your family do that because of something you gave them or did for them.