Why Humans Can’t Travel At The Speed Of Light

Humans and scientists have tried to find out if humans can travel at the speed of light. If humans traveled at the speed of light we would be able to explore more about space and possibly time travel.

Humans have had the curiosity about traveling that quick and especially exploring space that quick. You can not travel that quickly because our mass and matter could not sustain our shape which would cause us to die. This also answers the question on why we can not teleport or time travel.

¨In fact, light travels over 22 million times faster than the fastest human (and hippo, 30 mi/h) on the planet” physics teacher, Mr. Smith, stated.

To put this in a better perspective, Smith compared the speed of light to the Apollo space mission.

¨The astronauts on the Apollo 10 mission in 1969 still hold the fastest record that a human has ever traveled, which is 25,000 mi/h. As impressive as it is, light speed is still 27,000 times faster¨ Smith stated.

To put this in another higher but closer perspective there is even a faster spacecraft that is known and holds the record for the fastest spacecraft currently. This ship is called the Parker Space Probe.

¨According to NASA, the fastest ever spacecraft was the Parker Space Probe, as it was close to the sun it was traveling 336,000 mi/h! Unfortunately, even this unmanned craft pales when compared to the speed of light which is about 2000 times faster¨ physics teacher, Mr. Smith, stated.

Now another question to ask is, will we ever be able to bend the laws of physics and create a piece of technology capable of taking humans to this speed? Will we ever make an unmanned spacecraft at this speed? If this in fact were to come true it would take a long time to accomplish this feat in history.