Best Fall Activities

Best Fall Activity

What do you think of when we say fall activities? The haunted corn mazes, haunted houses, trick or treating, making apple cider, pumpkin spice everything, or even playing in fall leaves. Well however old you are you think of at least one of these. These two Findlay High School students thought of some of these and shared why they like these activities.

Most of our high school students think of Suters Corn Maze because it is a local attraction. One of the reasons students think this is because they love the pumpkins and the corn maze.

The reason it stands out between other pumpkin patches is because “it holds nostalgia and my heart.” says sophomore Ella Nelson. “ It’s a piece of my childhood that I can still visit and enjoy!” and “I love jumping in the fall leaves”

But on the other hand another one of our Findlay High School students, thinks of The Homestead Fall Farm. The reason they go to think of this place is because their family always competes to see who gets the heaviest pumpkin there.

“We love to see who gets the heaviest pumpkin.” says freshmen Paige Ouwenga.

Other students love to see all the leaves.

“My favorite fall activity is going to the park and looking at the coloring leaves on the trees,” says sophomore Molly Wilkinson. “Walking down paths were the leaves have fallen.”