Homecoming King and Queen Personality Profile

Seniors Gus Cleary and Elizabeth Laird took the crown this past Friday as Findlay High School’s homecoming king and queen. They are both incredibly talented and take part in countless activities at FHS. Not only do they have active lives in school, but they are also outstanding people in their personal lives. Cleary and Laird’s heavy involvement within the school and the community helped them validate their wins.

Gus Cleary, King: Gus is a 3-year singer/dancer in Findlay First Edition, as well as a member of the FHS choirs. He is also a senior mentor for the freshman show choir: VIP. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and watching TV. Cleary’s hobbies consist of cooking and baking.

Elizabeth (Liz) Laird, Queen: Liz is a 3-year member of the Boingers in Findlay First Edition, and took on the role of Boinger President this year. She is a field commander for the marching band, a member of the FHS choirs, and is on the cross country and track team. In her free time, Laird lifts, runs, and listens to music.

“I wasn’t expecting the win,” Cleary said, in reaction to the results. “But when I heard my name being called over the loudspeakers, it was a feeling that I can’t really describe. I just felt very well liked within the student body.”