FHS Clubs and Activities: When should they resume?

With Students returning to Findlay city schools maybe clubs could be on the horizon. Clubs were closed down when COVID first hit in March of 2020. But when students came back in September Clubs were being talked about. But then we were sent home to be home homeschooled. But now that we are back we could maybe have clubs back.

When clubs were being talked about they were more put on the pack burner but now are they being discussed more than they were last time. If they are then how are they being discussed, what promotions would be taken, and if they would come back period.

“Yes, this week some clubs are returning, like Quizbowl, E-sports, Drumline, FFE, National Honor Society, and the musical. The other thing is the students are more aware of safety rules” says assistant principal Mrs. Seibeneck.

One thing clubs need to run it clubs need to run is a teacher to watch over the students. But some teachers might not want to stay to avoid getting sick. But clubs need teachers to watch over kids. Maybe the school might not require this to allow clubs for the students that want it.

“As much as I would like that, all activys require a teacher, but we do like there to be a zoom call.” says Siebeneck.

What kinds of sports are available during this troubling time would people be allowed to view sports and watch their kids play in sporting events. Or is it going to be more open to people to see their kids playing in games.

“Boys and girls basketball, with cheerleaders and wrestling. All of those events we only allow the participantes family may attend and it can’t go over is 270. of what the gmy can hold, right now we are offering home players four tickets and are visiting players two. Also for swimming is held at the university of findlay that allows no viewers. Gymnastics are all away events and are not allowing viewers. Hockey games are at the cube, the capacity is only 136 people the JV players partants can watch and they must leave for the Varsity team.” says athletic secretary Kerri Buck.

A big part of high school is clubs. Most kids that go to school are in clubs but without it, it could have a big effect on mental health. People need interactions with other humans. Clubs are a big part of a high school career but with them people aren’t getting a normal high school experience.