Winter Sports Update

Findlay High School winter sports have started and have been off to a pretty good start for FHS sports. With Covid -19 FHS has been doing great to be able to keep playing their sports

As of Monday, January 4th. The Findlay Trojan hockey team has a 2-3-1 record according to the FHS website. They have a 1-0 record in their conference as well. Findlay Trojans hockey have a losing record, but only by one game if the Trojans win their next couple games, they would set themselves in a better position in the conference and state. Kaleb Haubert, Varsity hockey player said, ¨The team has worked hard and they have had some really skilled players this year. We all have seemed to work together really well.¨

FIndlay Trojans Varsity Boys basketball team have a 4-1 record and 1-0 in conference play, putting them with a demanding winning record and a tough team to play. The FHS website shows the team is undefeated in conference play, only playing one conference game. The Findlay Trojans JV boys basketball team is undefeated with a 5-0 record and 2-0 in conference play. The JV Trojans have a great season ahead of them if they keep playing how they are playing. Both of the teams have many more games to come.

Girls Varsity basketball had a rough start to their season with a 0-4 record and 0-3 in conference play, the Girls Varsity Trojans have not had a great start to the season. The Girls JV Trojans have had a much better season so far with a 3-1 record and a 2-1 conference play. They have had a much better season than the Varsity team who seems to be struggling. They have many more games to come, if they are able to finish the season strong it would be a good season for them.

The latest update from the Trojans Varsity wrestling team is that the Findlay Trojans finished in 5th place at the Trojan Duals. Max Farmer led the Trojans at the Trojan Duals, going undefeated. Findlay Trojans winter sports have their ups and downs like any other school, but with the weird year, cancelations of games, anything can happen in the rest of the season. The Trojans in all sports may increase or decrease by the end of the season just like any other year.