Mysterious Monoliths

In the later months of 2020, a series of shiny metal columns, or monoliths, have appeared all over the world recently. All of these reports have come after a report of a monolith in a remote canyon in Utah.

Nobody knows the origin of these monoliths, and that question has taken the world by storm recently. Some people are saying that it is an extraterrestrial civilization that is pacing them on earth, while many others are claiming that they placed them there as a prank.

When scientists took one of the monoliths to analyze it, they noted that the monolith in Utah was made out of stainless steel held onto a wooden frame by rivets. “It looked professionally made.”

“ I think that it is obvious that somebody built it and put it in the desert just to get attention, or pull a prank” said Freshman, Alex Welch. “It’s what makes the most sense.”

Let’s say that it was an extraterrestrial being that made the monoliths. It is unlikely, but we can not put it behind us with the way 2020 is going. If it was aliens, we are unable to know the true reason why they would place these, but we can guess. Some are speculating that aliens placed these on the earth to let us know that we are not alone.

If it was aliens, they would benefit nothing from placing monoliths in remote parts of utah. It is possible that aliens placed these on the earth to let us know that we are not alone, but wouldn’t they come up with a clearer sign than a stainless steel mini- tower.

It is also very possible that it was an Artist who did it as a publicity stunt. When someone took the monolith from the site they claimed that after examining it, they noted it was made of wooden frame with stainless steel held onto the frame by rivets. With that being said, it sounds like it could have been easily made and replicated.

If it was a publicity stunt, then the artist sure did get our attention, but it would have been nearly impossible to get the 10 foot monolith to that location. He could not carry it, because of how big and heavy it was. He also could not take it by vehicle because of how rugged the terrain is.