What makes good teachers and students

Everyone has their opinions of what a good teacher and what a good student is including the students and teachers at FHS. Dr. Davis, teacher at FHS, says she believes that the concept of a ‘good student’ can be very different from person to person. Teachers at FHS have given their input of what they believe a good student is.

“A student who stays on top of their assignments, studies proactively, etcetera is a good student and the hard work will pay off” teacher Señora Grubinski said.

Grubinski says that work ethic and the general effort put in by a student is one of the most important parts of being a good student. Dr. Davis, another teacher at FHS, agrees that work ethic is a really big part of being a successful and great student.

“Students who are organized and exhibit strong time management skills also have higher rates of success in and out of the classroom” Davis said.

According to many teachers, time management is considered to be an important factor in a great work ethic. Davis also says that communication when it is needed, is a great trait for students to have. Mr. Hankins mentioned communication being a strong quality as well.

“They are able to advocate for themselves and to communicate openly, appropriately, and honestly with their peers and their teachers. Learning is not only an independent process but also a group process” teacher Mr. Hankins said.

Hankins says that success needs everyone involved to communicate effectively. Engaging in your own learning, even in the difficulties, shows that a student is successful and cares.

“Successful students not only practice what they are good at but also identify the areas of improvement that they have and take action to improve those areas” Mr. Hankins said.

Increasing knowledge in any area can lead to being a better student and better in life. Dr. Davis and Mr. Hankins both expressed that grades are not the most important part of being a good student.

“I think successful students also do not have to be an “A” student or perfect in everything that they are learning or practicing…” Hankins explains.

Hankins and Davis have said that there is no true definition of a perfect student. Everyone may have an idea of what a ‘perfect student’ is but different qualities appeal to different people.

Students at FHS also have ideas of what makes a good teacher and have expressed their ideas of a good teacher.
“I like it when teachers are understanding and are actually realistic about what is happening” sophomore Mikayla Betts said.

Betts explains that when teachers are understanding towards her as well as other students, she prefers those classes and feels more motivated to do the work well for those classes. She feels less stressed when teachers are more understanding, especially this year with remote learning.

“Teachers are really good when they work at the pace of students” sophomore Avery Stults said.

Stults agrees with Betts that teachers working with the students by being understanding is extremely helpful and comforting,

“I have had a few teachers that tell funny or good stories and, while it doesn’t really make them like a ‘good teacher’ learning wise, I feel better with those teachers and like being in those classes” Mikayla Betts said.

Being in a learning environment where there is a teacher with a good personality who can tell jokes, tell stories, and relate to the students can help some students emotionally. Betts says that a creative teacher is always better than a cliche teacher who always does the same things in her opinion.

“I enjoy it when my teachers actually care, you know? Like when you do bad on an assignment they reach out and give you recommendations” sophomore Eric Opara said.

Opara says that good teachers communicate with their students. It could be communication because of a student struggling or communication because of something good. Opara says that he simply likes communication.

Students and teachers have what they believe traits and qualities of what good teachers and students are and what they wish they could be like.

“Life is all about balance and those who understand that will find the greatest success” Dr. Davis left off with.