New Spiderman Game

“Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales” game was released on November 12, 2020 and stars the newest Spider Man Miles Morales.

The new game takes place a year and a half after the previous event from the last Spider Man game. As you play through the new game you will have to learn with Miles as he starts to understand his powers more and more.

¨”The game looks really nice but i don’t thinkI would get the game this soon because i have played the first one so as soon as i play the first on then ill play the second one¨ freshman, Brayden Sampson said.

Some people like this game just because it just looks so good and it has one of the fastest load times that it doesn’t matter the they haven’t played the first game they still want to play the second.Some people just want two buy it for the look but some people just don’t want to buy it because it has a larger price tag.

¨I have the first game and the second looks really nice but I just dont think i would get it just because the new playstation is so much and I don’t think I have the money to buy it¨ freshman Trenton Renolds says.

Most people are worried about that because if they buy the second one now then they have to go out and nut it all over again and it’s just not as fun this way because you are spending tons of money. I hope that we see that the game sees more and more people buy it but until the game lowers in price I don’t expect that most people will buy it unless it becomes less on holiday sales.