Student thoughts on remote learning

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FHS has gone fully remote, meaning students are working on school work at home every single day. This change has affected students in several ways and students’ opinions on remote education vary.

“We are doing fully remote learning, so every period we get on a Zoom or Google Meet and have a regular class with our teacher,” sophomore, Lily Korecky said.

Some students say that remote learning is good for them because they can relax at home while still being on a set schedule. Students have to zoom into each of their classes and this has helped some students stay on track.

“I enjoy school online because I think it’s nice being at home all day. I can kinda do my own thing while still having my classes. It’s also nice because every period I have a set time to get things done,” sophomore Ally Michael says.

Others say that it is difficult to learn with zoom and that being on a computer all day only stresses them out.

“Personally I think most people think online school is too stressful, and it is. Many teachers give homework for us to do on our own time, but on a normal school day we would have time in class to work on that stuff. So basically all of our work is doubled, and every period we have to worry about sitting at our computers with our teachers, which is like six hours at a computer a day. I really think online school is not beneficial at all,” sophomore, Lily Korecky says.

Students have also expressed their feelings about having classes all day wednesday as well. Previously students had a day on Wednesday where they could relax and unwind with less work to worry about. Although students still had work, many teachers used Wednesday as a day where students could get caught up. Now students have zoom classes all day Monday-Friday.

“Online school isn’t the worst, but I hate not having Wednesday off. I feel like we got a lot thrown at us at once, completely online school, and no break. I liked having Wednesday because it gave me a chance to get caught up on everything, and it just was a lot better,” Ally Michael, sophomore, says.

The transition to completely remote learning has affected students in many ways. Although FHS is set to continue with remote learning until January 11th, students hope we can return to normal as soon as possible.