Hancock County COVID cases

Hancock County Covid cases are rising, Hancock is a red zone now among the state of Ohio. Hancock has done well most of the year, but during thanksgiving week the cases seemed to spike, which shut down schools, FHS is fully remote until January, Covid-19 is getting worse and worse in Hancock County.

The Ohio Department of Health said, “The Ohio Department of Education continues to report limited spread of COVID-19 in a classroom setting, but an increase of community spread from informal gatherings outside of school.” That would include parties and just gatherings in general.

Covid-19 is dangerous and is spreading more around the county, Hancock County, is looking for ways to fix this of course.

Governor Mike Dewine made a 3 week curfew on the whole state of Ohio. As of Tuesday December 10, Hancock County has 3,339 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and 61 of those cases have resulted in death. In comparison, Ohio has 520,000 confirmed cases and 7,187 deaths.

Although Hancock County is one of the better counties that are handling Covid, they still want the numbers to be lower.

Ohio released the main ways you can prevent yourself from COVID-19:
Stay home except work and other needs
Wear a facial covering when going out
Practice social distancing,
Shop at non peak hours
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unclean hands after touching an unclean surface.

Officials also recommend calling before visiting your doctor.

With the holiday season upon us, many things may look different from past years. However, to try and reduce the growing number of cases, altering your plans for the holiday’s is necessary.