Mental Health and remote learning

2020 has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health, not just healthcare workers. Students being constantly thrown from a five day week, hybrid schedules, and finally forced online. Imagine the toll this takes on their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Like many other schools in the state of Ohio, Findlay went all remote the day students came back from thanksgiving. Now that students are back into the daily schedule, they’re finding it hard to focus on school, home, and other extra activities they are involved in.

Many students are finding it hard to focus and stay motivated. “Personally, I have never felt as unmotivated and generally depressed because of school than I have since we went full remote”, senior Jayda Brandt says. “I can see that most of my teachers are trying to make things work, but I can also see how sad they are.” It’s with no question that teachers and students alike are struggling to stay above the surface; just trying to see the year through.

“I don’t feel as proud or excited when I get assignments done. There’s no reward for getting it done and no discipline if you don’t”, Brandt stated. “The Zoom calls are difficult because of the technical issues. I think a lot of students stay silent for that reason.”

There is no doubt that teachers are working to their best extent to help their students learn during these times. “I understand some teachers want to get through these tough times, but I don’t think they consider students mental health,” senior Sierra Cosart said.“They ask how online school is going; they don’t think to check on our mental wellbeing”

Many students are feeling extremely overwhelmed while being completely remote. “I can feel like my grades are slipping because of the amount of work teachers are assigning,” added Cosart.

A study done by the US National Library of Medicine found that sitting in front of a computer for an extended period of time can cause numerous health risks. The study concluded that extended screen time can damage vision and cause weight gain. It also adds the risk of anxiety, depression, headaches, and insomnia.

“Remote learning has changed my academics by making me feel less motivated to get things done,” senior Elaine Hohman said. “Sitting stationary for 8 hours while on calls, plus two hours of homework after isnt good for the body. There is nothing more I want to do when I get off Zoom than to get up and move around, only to be forced back on five minutes later. Once the school day ends, I don’t want to look at the computer screen for another second, feeling defeated that I spent my whole day on the computer. We feel isolated.”

The way that the classes is truly what the district thinks is best for everyone, but the students say otherwise. “In the spring, it felt like I was in college. With the way classes were set up, I genuinely enjoyed doing my work. Ever since then, the level of education has decreased. I can see the teachers struggle to give us students the education we deserve.” adds Brandt.