COVID Vaccine

Moderna, a biotechnology company based in Cambridge Massachusetts, announced Monday that they have made a vaccine for Covid-19 that has a 95% less infection rate then people who didn’t get the vaccine. This brings massive hope to people all around the world, with the possibility of controlling Covid-19 for the first time since the start of the virus.

Moderna wrote a 1.525 billion dollar contract to supply the United States with 100 million doses of the vaccine through Operation Warp Speed, the government’s fast-track program for Covid-19 supplies / treatment . The contract also states the U.S. government can purchase 400 million more doses if needed.

One week before Moderna announced their vaccine, two companies, Pfizer and BioNTech collaborated and also released their results, but their testing showed that people who got the vaccine had 90% fewer cases than those who didn’t. When Pfizer conducted their tests, 94 people out of the 43,000 people they tested tested positive for Covid-19.

“I think that this is a major step forward with dealing with Coronavirus. It is extremely impressive how quickly our doctors made a vaccine and that they had as much success as they did” freshman Alex Welch said.

Federal health officials have said the first doses of the vaccines will most likely go to groups like health care workers who are at high risk for exposure, as well as to people who are most vulnerable to the disease, such as older people.

Both vaccines so far have proven to have no serious side effects, but it’s impossible to know for certain yet.

We don’t know how long the vaccines are effective for, but we do know that only time will tell and it’s better than no vaccine.