Band in the midst of COVID

For some kids, band is a big part of high school. But in the midst COVID-19 No ones getting a real highschool experience. Students have to wear masks, we only come four days a week instead of five, and we have to social distance. But how is the band different from previous years? This year students sit six feet apart in class, wear masks when not playing, and also have bell covers on wind instruments to reduce aerosols escaping from the instruments.

For the kids in the band would know what the band was like in previous years. But that is a fraction of the entire school. But what about the rest of the school who aren’t in band.

“There are a total of 170 kids in the band that includes students attending Trojan Academy” band director, Mr. Wilson says. That is only a handful of students from the entire school. But only 170 kids know how to band.

One of the big things about a band is performing in front of large groups or crowds at football games or in concerts. Of course with COVID the number of times they perform is reduced. But how many times have they performed in previous years.

“Marching band performs at 10 football games, five parades, and one marching band concert. Concert band performs 3 concerts a year plus district and potentially state large group adjudicated events. Pep band typically performs at 10 athletic events during the winter” Mr. Wilson says. As you can see the marching band performs a lot a total of 16 times a year. Also, they did not have to worry about a deadly virus swarming the world.

Performing a big part of Band but with COVID band had to perform a lot less. But performing is a big part of the band and evening performing at all is better than not performing.

“This year the marching band performed at two home football games. Our winter concert has been cancelled for this year and as of now will not have a pep band. Large group adjudicated events may also be virtual this year.” says Mr. Wilson but of course this is a way to stop the spread of the virus. But it still is upsetting that the kids that look forward to concerts or performances that go to most of them.

But one of the biggest parts of the band is marching band. Mr Willson has said that he had to cancel most of his performances. But there is still a little bit of marching band but how that has changed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Marching band this year also did not use uniforms and did not march to stay separated. This is something most marching bands did this year as well. For concert bands we will not be using school issued concert wear and students will just be asked to dress nicely for any concerts” Mr. Wilson stated.

Band is a big part of people’s high school careers and by that only a handful of students. But still most would be upset if their favorite subject was changed in the blink of an eye. But FHS wants the school to run as normal as possible and for these kids the band is there normal. But FHS wants us all to be safe most of all.