Mr. Damon’s Retirement

Mr. Damon has sadly retired from Findlay high school as of October of 2020 and has left all of his students mourning the loss of a great teacher.

This great teacher was fun and heartwarming,to some in his study hall he was a great teacher that let them do as what they thought was the best use of their time.To those that had Mr. Damon was a real laid back teacher that might have watched the Election news on his smart board to let his students see the election as it was taking place. He has put so many years of his life into teaching all of those great kids that as he leaves he will be missed by hundreds of people that he has taught over the years.

Austin Wilson Freshmen said ¨ Even though I have only had him for this first quarter he has still been a cool teacher. I´m still not happy to see him leave but I also have only had him for one quarter so.¨

Some of the newer students have not come to know Mr. Damon’s full glory. He’s sad to see his teacher leave but not as much as an older student. Thank you to Austin for giving us an interview so we can give blue a full inside look at new students’ views on new teachers. He basically just met the teacher and he is already gone so for this student he didn´t mean as much as he would for other students.

These are some of the people that gave their thoughts on Mr. Damon’s retirement and this newsletter thanks them. From us down at Blue and gold today we are sad to see that Mr. Damon has retired and hope that he can go on and do the thing he’s always wanted to do. Now that Mr. Damon has been replaced for the remainder of this year we will see if this teacher will stand up to Mr. Damon’s legacy of being one of the best teachers.