FCS Schedule Changes and COVID

FCS Schedule Changes and COVID

To begin the school year, Findlay City Schools has had to use a hybrid model to ensure the safety of staff and students. This means that students are attending school two days a week, on separate days.

¨I think the hybrid model causes less stress on students and benefits students who get stressed out easily,¨ said sophomore Jacob Stansberry.

The two day a week school week can cause a lack of interaction between teachers and students which can result in confusion.

Since then, Findlay City Schools has adapted the four day a week schedule. This gives students more time to interact with teachers and ask questions.

¨During the four day a week schedule, I don’t feel worried at all as long as I can get my work done,¨ says Millstream student Anthony Cramer.

This schedule change has been hard on students because of how different this year is. Nobody is used to hybrid learning. With this being said, we can see that a schedule change that gets us back into the building would be for the better.

Findlay City Schools went back to 4 day school weeks on November 2. They will find out Thursday, November 6th if they will continue in the four day model, or go back to hybrid.