Contact Tracing at FHS

Contact Tracing at FHS

Contact Tracing has been helping people since day one of COVID-19 virus. Contact tracing is your public health department talking with patients, assisting them and arranging for patients to isolate themselves, work with patients to identify people with whom they were close contact with so contact tracers can locate them.

“We determine the length of time they have been around anyone, symptoms they have, work history, how long they have been at work and ask them if they are following guidelines” Courtney from the Hancock County Health Department said. If people call and say they may have symptoms and it sounds like they do to the public health department they have to call 911.

Everything is different now from how we feel to how we do things. Jobs are different now and not the same “The staff of Findlay High School has worked tirelessly to make this work, worked hard for students with health screening, temperature checks and the self-assignment which is a code scan students can scan with their phones and it gives them a checklist to what they feel like fever, chills and aches” FHS principal Ryan Imke said.

Activities at FIndlay High School are also different and not the same and students at FHS do not like it.

“It makes me feel that it prevents me from doing things that I like to do in a normal way. For example choir this year for a first choir concert we are going to have to wear masks that’s not normal, I don’t do good with not normal” freshman Brayden Lydick said.

Sports have changed with more cautions and preventions. FHS Athletic Director Nate Weihrauch shared that the FHS Football team had to make changes prior to COVID-19.

”Mr. Weihrauch worked tirelessly to make this work with the team by following athletic department recommendations, updated guidelines and been going above and beyond with them to make it safe” Mr. Imke said

Feelings are changing this whole situation about COVID-19. Physically and mentally people are a mess and don’t won’t to remember this terrible time but it’s impossible to forget what is happening to the world.

“First week of school I think I cried four times because I don’t do good with change and I don’t want to grow up remembering seeing people in masks and people suffering because their life is on the line because of a virus. So overall, I have a bunch of different emotions from good to bad.” freshman Brayden Lydick said.

Findlay High School has changed a lot due to COVID-19 with making sure everyone will be safe. They made cautions in the school with always wearing masks, hand sanitizing stations everywhere, always encouraging washing hands, no lockers, required manual provided if allow students to school, encourage social distancing and step further with signs everywhere encourage students and staff to take cautions.

The last thing anyone wants is to worry about whether a family member, friends or even you have the virus.There’s a question that everyone wants an answer too.

“It’s all about time so yes it’s just a matter of time before everyone gets it” freshman Brayden Lydick said..