COVID School Schedule

Students attending Findlay City Schools are used to the hybrid schedule by now. For the first few weeks of school, students were separated by last name; students A-K attend Monday Tuesday, and students L-Z attend Thursday and Friday.

Now, as COVID cases rise and fall, the health department and Findlay City Schools have made the choice to send all students back four days a week.

Starting November 2, 2020, all high school students who opted to go in person will be going to school in person four days a week. This new modified hybrid schedule leaves Wednesdays for teachers to catch up, sanitization of our schools, and students to be less exposed throughout the week.

Although this decision made by the school board was a disagreement upon the Hancock County Health Department and Findlay City Schools, Superintendent Troy Roth has to consider the academic, social, and mental effect this schedule has on his students.

“Online school is an absolute mess”, says senior Sam Ried. “Students are expected to learn topics by themselves with limited resources. Many students have lives outside of online school; Jobs and teaching younger siblings can make it difficult or impossible to learn individually.”

As teachers continue to pile work onto students, it becomes infeasible. Many teachers do not realize that students have other responsibilities.

“I personally do not like online school. It’s harder to stay focused when I have a million other things going on around me”, says Sophomore Isaiah Ortiz. “These teachers don’t realize how much they’re posting. Even if they don’t post a lot of work, all the assignments from your other classes build up and it becomes very overwhelming.”

Students who struggle during the virtual days are sure to start doing better academically when the new hybrid schedule starts on November 2.