Krysten Cinema leaving Democrats

As of December 9th Democratic senator Krysten Cinema announced that she is leaving her party to go to the independence party. She claimed she has never fit into any party

As her announcement of departure from the party this has stirred up much chaos in the senate, the surprise of the announcement means they have to find someone to replace her

What does an independent really mean and how is it different from the democrats and the republicans

“. It typically means that you vote on VALUES & CONCEPTS based on what makes sense rather than what her party thinks/wants. An independent voter is someone who will vote for both parties depending on their principles instead of blindly voting for one party over the other” Stated about Krysten Cinema’s change of party

The switch has caused a rumble in the democratic senator house. A seat is up for grabs but can a republican take it?

“Nope, it DOES mean that she will get challenged by another democrat for her seat in the next election. As an independent, I’m pretty sure that she loses ALL of the advantages of being in a party” Jon Hayfield stated on a possible change of” Said about the dems losing another seat in the senate.

Krysten Cinema now leaving the democrats is what is really next for a women independent senator. Being an independent makes it harder for you to be on the ballot so what can she do?

“ However, to me, I’ve always admitted elected officials who make these decisions knowing that doing the right thing might/will cause them to lose their job (i.e. Lyndon B Johnson killed his political career when he signed the Civil Rights Act & Voting Rights Act… As a southerner, he could never win a contest to be DogCatcher after that!!)”