Billie Eilish Drama

Billie Eilish is a 20 year old American singer best known for alternative songs, but recently she has been criticized by fans for both past and recent actions that have been labeled as problematic. Billie Ellish is currently in a relationship with Jesse Rutherford, who is 31 years old.

“It’s pretty dang creepy,” sophomore Lily Frick said.

The drama surrounding the singer occurred when the couple had a very unusual costume. The costume was Billie wearing a baby costume paired with a big hat and Jesse dressed as an old man. People have found their age-gap concerning as they have an 11 year difference, and for some these costumes make the relationship seem worse for fans. The costume came from Taylor Swift’s Halloween costume party and most fans were not so thrilled about this.

“I don’t think it really meant anything,” freshman Landon Jenkins said.

Some people believe that the costumes and their relationships do not have any correlation and the costumes were just supposed to be a funny gag as people have done these types of costumes before in the past.

“Is she okay?” sophomore Aaron Risner said.

Although some find it funny some fans find it very weird and off putting and think it should not have been a costume idea at all. Although both are consenting adults it does not take the weirdness away from some people. Some fans believe the costume idea should have been avoided altogether.

“I think it’s hilarious,” sophomore Jessy Weekly said.

Similar to people who did not mind the costumes, some fans found it extremely funny to see. Fans who found the costume funny is a small majority, however they believe that is what the costume was meant to do. Although, there are some fans with no strong opinion on the couple’s costume.

“Personally I don’t really mind it,” sophomore Denny Abel said.