Best Halloween Stuff

Halloween is celebrated in many different ways. Some go trick or treating while others stay home and watch scary movies. According to, 23% of Americans do not like candy corn, 43% like candy corn, and 21% do not like it but think it is part of the Halloween tradition.

“I love candy corn. It is one of my favorite candies of all time,” freshman Riley Kirkwood said.

What is the best Halloween candy? Think about it. Some will say Sour Patch Kids. Some will say Skittles. 76% of highschool students polled say M&M’s are the best Halloween candy, 74% say Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and 72% say KitKat.

“My personal favorite is Sweet Tarts. I love those things. They are literally the best candy in the world,” freshman Kendall Beall said.

Now what is the worst Halloween candy? According to the most hated halloween candy is circus peanuts. The second most hated candy also from the same site is candy corn. This site has a top ten most hated halloween candies poll.

Horror fans love the spooky season. It is the perfect time to gather friends and scare them with some good horror movies. Some say that The Conjuring is the scariest franchise others say Halloween is. Some say Scream is the best.

“Personally my favorite horror movie is The Black Phone. I love this movie so much the acting is amazing,” freshman Jett Strange stated.

Most kids go trick or treating on Halloween. According to 83% of parents check their child’s candy before they eat it for anything dangerous. 86% of parents take candy from their kids after trick or treating, but 43% of parents do not let their kids go trick or treating at all.

“In all honesty if my kid wants to go trick or treating, I don’t have a problem with it. Who cares if they are 15 and trick or treating? They should be able to have fun,” mom and graduate from Findlay High School Emily Clark says.