V-V-VIP returns once again!


Brynn Rees

Voices in Perfection rehearsed and did team-building exercises on October 7th, 2022.

Findlay High School’s freshman show choir, Voices in Perfection, started practicing on Wednesday, September 28. Also known as VIP, the group has a big year ahead of them.

VIP is in its thirtieth year, and choir director Krista Bigger is in her eighth year of directing the freshman show choir. It has been a struggle in recent years to recruit boys to audition. This year, there are seven boys in the group, which is two more than last year.

There are twenty-one girls in VIP, as it is never a struggle to find young women interested in the group at FHS.

“The first few practices have been very good,” freshman Lola Spieles said. “They’ve just been like choir but a lot quicker, so I am excited for this year. I’ve never done anything like this.”

Each year, Bigger selects around 8 seniors involved in Findlay First Edition, FHS’s competitive show choir, to serve as mentors in VIP.

It is the mentors’ responsibility to build relationships with the freshman and continue the legacy of Findlay’s show choir programs. They attend every rehearsal, practicing with the young singers.

“It’s actually really exciting to be a VIP mentor, especially because my sister is in the group,” mentor Izaak Zechman explained. “This group has been very interesting and fun to work with so far. I’m excited to see what’s to come for the year.”

The 2022-2023 VIP mentors are Ellie Denike, Jess Hughes, Megan Gurney, Eva Mallamaci, Gaben Helms, Anthony Iriti, Reid Patterson, and Izaak Zechman.

“It’s nice to meet a bunch of new kids and talk to them, hang out with them, and have fun singing and dancing with them,” mentor Megan Gurney said. “This group has a lot of potential.”

VIP kicks off their year by learning their Christmas songs and dances. Their first official holiday performance every November is the St. Mike’s Christmas Bazaar. They continue performing holiday numbers until January.

Throughout the winter months, VIP travels to places in the community to perform for all types of events. This year, they will go to Fall Fest, St. Mike’s Christmas Bazaar, Spaghetti Dinner, and local elementary schools.

Because the group does not compete, they only perform locally. The freshman show choir’s Christmas shows are known and loved by Findlay, Ohio.

“I love VIP,” freshman DJ Barilla stated. “We are doing a lot of Christmas [music] right now, and I’m excited to get up on stage.”

Once the holiday season is over, VIP immediately works on their spring show. They begin performing their spring show starting in late January and close their year in May with their final show titled; Spring Fling.

Voices in Perfection, Mrs. Bigger, and the senior mentors have an exciting year ahead of them!

“VIP has been fun so far, 10/10,” freshman Maggie Bramel said. “I love the song choices and it’s been a really great experience.”