Art Classes

Findlay High School offers many different art classes where students can enjoy creative projects under the guidance of art teachers Mr. Callan, Mr. Gaberdiel, Mr. Kuhn and Mr. Wagner.

Art class is usually a semester class though there are some that are all year. The high school offers many different opportunities for art including Art 1, 2, and 3,4, ceramics, drawing, jewelry, painting and sculpture and photography.

Art 1 is a base, entry level class that builds the basics that will be used in the other art classes. Art 2 is simply an advancement of those basic concepts.

Art 1 and 2 do a number of different projects and are currently working on a drawn portrait and afterward they are starting a water painting.

“My favorite project is the ugly jugs for Art 2,” Art 1 and 2 teacher Mr. Callan said.

Art classes count towards the fine arts credit students need to graduate. In addition to this, art classes are enriching and many enjoy them, as they can serve as a stress reliever during a long day of difficult and mentally taxing classes. That being said you still have to put in the work otherwise you can drown under the late work.

“Art class is a laid back class, but the most difficult part is meeting the deadlines,” Art 1 and 2 teacher Mr. Callan said.

They can also contribute to growth in physical and mental abilities.

“Art class teaches patience and hand-eye coordination,” sophomore Almon Thompson said.

Art classes may not be something everyone sees as an activity they want to participate in, but one thing that holds true is that there is a wide variety of classes to try here at FHS for students to dip their toes in the water and try things out.

“Come and try it, there is something for everyone,” Art 1 and 2 teacher Mr. Callan said.