Top 5 US Colleges

For FHS’ class of 2023, choosing a college is coming up rather quickly. For some, this choice may be very difficult in deciding between having the best academics, social life, sports or other aspects of college life.

Members of the class of 2023 have provided their thoughts for the top 5 colleges.

Overall, the top choice of college is The Ohio State University as students believe that it provides excellence in all desired aspects.

The average gpa of tOSU is 3.83 and has been recognized nationally as having an excellent medical center and program. The college also offers 200+ majors.

“…don’t even get me started on the social life,” anonymous tOSU student explains. “There are parties every night, cool bars, welcoming people, and the state capital right there at your fingertips.” (Via StudentReviews).

The student is a second year student and comments on how the social life seems to be better than high school. tOSU provides a wide range of activities for students.

Ohio State also caters towards applicants who have interests in sports. Most commonly, they are known for their football team. However, there is a large number of sports that are provided ranging from golf to fencing.

The second most common choice is Bowling Green State University.

The academics at BGSU may not be at the same level as tOSU, but the academics are still at a high level. The average gpa is 3.4, again, lower than tOSU but higher than other universities. BGSU also offers over 200 majors.

Social life can be compared to tOSU with popular bars, parties, and events.

With Bowling Green being a smaller school, the sports opportunities are slightly limited. The most popular sport is football, the same as tOSU.

Many students have commented on how comparable BGSU and tOSU are in all of their aspects. Even so, students still believe that Ohio State tops Bowling Green.

The third college that students have talked about is the University of Michigan.

“The academics are just the best,” senior Lilli Freeman said. “It is a really hard school to get into but the quality of the education is worth it.”

Freeman is justified in her claim due to the acceptance rate being 26%. However, the average gpa is 3.88 thus confirming that academics are very important at U of M.

In a social life stand point, U of M has it covered with many student led activities throughout the years.

Controversially, U of M and tOSU are similar in their sports. Both are known for their football teams and expanded number of sports provided within their schools.

The fourth chosen college is Miami University.
The academics at MU are limited due to the size of the school. There are only 60 majors available but the education that is provided is excellent. The average gpa is 3.78.

The amount of activities and chances to get together with other students at the school is higher than other schools. There tend to be many parties and a large amount of places for connections to be made.

While MU does not have as well known athletics as other schools, they still have several sports activities from football to ice hockey.

The fifth and last most talked about college for the class of 2023 is Ohio University.

Ohio University is in Athens, Ohio and provides more than 250 programs and majors for their students. The most common program sought out for is nursing. The average gpa is 3.59.

From a social perspective, the college is accomplished in getting their students together. The students have also been reported to be open in meeting new people.

OU is recognized for their football and basketball teams. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have achieved high success in their respective fields.