E-Hallpass System

E-hall pass logo


E-hall pass logo

For the 2022-2023 school year, Findlay High School has decided to add something to its school known as the E-hallpass system. This system helps teachers keep track of their students better when they ask to do things such as fill up their water bottle, use the restroom, or go down to the office.

This system consists of a small form that students fill out on their phone, chromebook, or another device that gets sent straight to their teacher who has to approve the pass. Once approved, the system sets a timer for the amount of time a student has left the class for.

Before the E-hallpass system was integrated into FHS, getting up to go to the bathroom was something a teacher would verbally give a student permission to do. While this did put a larger amount of trust and responsibility into students at school, it was common for students to abuse this trust and leave class for 20-30 minutes, then return right at the end of the period. Current Sophomore Elliot Shellhorn said “ it adds an extra hassle when going to the bathroom during class”.

The E-hallpass was not the only drastic change that has been introduced for the 22-23 school year. The administration has also implemented a system to prevent the overuse of personal technology in classrooms. This system follows the tech traffic chart, which is essentially a stop light, with each color letting you know if technology is allowed to be out in that class.

The tech traffic chart has added a mix of controversy at FHS. The teachers and staff at FHS have been less lenient about letting students have their technology out during class, with the exceptions being study hall and lunch. The traffic light chart has made many students feel restricted and up in arms. Current freshman Izacc Abdul-Zahir says the tech traffic rule “restricts students who work better while listening to music in class”.

Arguably one of the most controversial changes that have been enforced at FHS in the 22-23 school year is the dress code. The new dress code states that students shall dress in a manner that ensures the heath, welfare, and enhances a respectful, positive and non-violent image of our students.

With the new dress code at FHS being implemented,some of the more controversial changes are that clothing and accessories must cover the chest, stomach, back etc. Anything not covering those areas may be deemed inappropriate and may cause a student to wear a shirt provided by the school until a parent or guardian drops something off for the student to change into. Current sophomore Nex Pontius states “ the dress code isn’t worth caring about anymore,expression wise because they keep limiting more and more”.

All of these changes to the 22-23 Findlay High School rules and regulations are as of August 23, 2022 until the end of the year. As seen before with these types of things, they are subject to change whether that be changed by district or school administration.