Worlds oldest dog

People have found the oldest living dog to date. Its name sounds familiar but not the person who you are thinking it is.

As of March 16 Toby Keith is a 21 year old Chihuahua. He is old enough to be out of high school, have a driver’s license, and even alcohol! Many people are amazed by this discovery, and even our FHS students are excited.

“I think it’s pretty cool. Being able to find the oldest living dog is super exciting to see. Anything that they discover that is the oldest living on the earth is pretty sweet. But sometimes you have to wonder if there is another oldest living dog out there that just has not been found out yet. That is always another fun thing to think about” freshman, Eli Shank stated.

I would think that is a pretty cool thing to think about. But what is pretty cool is the type of dog it is.

“A chihuahua? I would have never expected that to be honest. They are always so miniature and fierce animals that I didn’t realize they could live to be 20 years old. I really hope the next oldest dog isn’t as a small demon like a Chihuahua haha” freshman, Athens Dysinger, stated.

While it is pretty cool about what type it is. It’s impossible to not notice how much better the name is.

“When I first heard the name tobykeith I was like the American singer and songwriter. The name threw me for a loop to be honest but I think that it is pretty funny how the oldest dog’s name is always gonna be there as Toby Keith. I like small fun names like those, they always make the title better” freshman, Eli Shank added.

The Name Toby Keith seemingly will live on and on. Having one of these once in a lifetime occurrences are so cool that many people enjoy them.