Spotify Boycott

Recently, artists have begun removing their music and podcasts from Spotify due to the Joe Rogan podcast. His podcast has been sparking conflict with not only people but other artists due to the misinformation about COVID-19.

Spotify Premium’s cancellation page nearly tripled in the last week of January along with artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Nils Logren, India Arie, Graham Nash, David Crosby, and Stephen Hills removing all content from the app.

The boycott initially began with disagreement about the Joe Rogan podcast advertising misinformation about COVID-19. The first artist to leave the platform was Neil Young, stating that Spotify was spreading fake information potentially causing death to people who believe it.

“I understand why the first guy left because spreading misinformation is a bad thing and can cause problems for not only the person spreading the information but other artists or people connected to that person,” said sophomore Bayleigh Aller

Because of Young’s leaving, Spotify released a statement about their regret of Young’s decision. However, they hope to “Welcome him back soon.” Joni Mitchell was the next to exit the platform in respect of Young and the medical communities on the issue.

Following Mitchell was Nils Lofgren. Lofgren stated that he stands with medical professionals, calling Spotify out for ‘spreading misinformation. Lorgren was also in team with Young’s decision supporting the fellow artist in the boycott against Spotify.

Misinformation due to Joe Rogan’s podcast is not the only thing affecting artists leaving the platform. Racism is another issue brought upon Spotify due to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Artist India Arie announced her removal from Spotify amongst other artists because of misinformation spread by Joe Rogan, but also because of Rogan’s racist comments.

“Even though I don’t really know about this part, it makes sense that she left the platform for inappropriate slang that was used by Rogan,” Aller said

Just like other artists, Arie backed up Young’s decision to boycott the platform writing, “Niel Young opened a door that I must walk through.”

Graham Nash was the fifth artist to leave the platform, stating that he did not agree with Rogan’s podcast and supported his friend Niel Young in his decision.

David Crosby and Stephen Hills were the final artists to leave the platform following their former band mate in an attempt to stop the misinformation that Rogan’s podcast has aroused.

“It’s interesting that 7 people left Spotify before something actually got said,” stated Aller

All the artists made their decisions following Young’s choice, backing up the singer in support. Other bigger name artists like Taylor Swift have also begun to consider leaving Spotify until Rogan’s podcast is taken off the platform.

Not long after the artist leaving, Rogan released a statement apologizing for using racial slurs in his podcast without mentioning anything about the COVID-19 podcast issue.