Olympic Fascar event

Fascar was held February 5, 2022. What is Fascar? Fascar is a group of people who come through town for local events. They set up cars on a track and the kids get to race and win prizes. While the cars are racing the like to send an important message to the families

“We were so glad to be able to share our space with other local churches and the Word of Life group. We got to see so many smiles and for that I’m thankful” Nicole, the youth group leader at Maranatha said.

The children were able to learn about the gospel while having fun. Next time a local fascar event is held you should come out.

They go through Word of Life Maranatha Bible church held the event at their church. Many Findlay churches joined them to have a fun time.

When they first got to the church they unloaded the trailer and assembled a large track. The team then spent time setting up your chosen car and programming it into the system. After that they added a large projector screen and started racing.

Behind the scenes you see a community of people coming together young and old coming to help out and participate. Maranatha’s teen youth group came to not only join in the fun but to spend time serving their church.

“I had so much fun playing with new friends and racing my favorite color car!” Addisyn Thom, one of the children belonging to Maranatha Bible church.

There were many opportunities to talk about their faith but to make new friends. Many other games were offered in the meantime, for when the childrens cars were waiting to race. Including “the favorite” the giant bubble balls. Watching the kids bounce around the room was amazing.

You can have Fascar come to you too! If you are interested, look up Fascar on the World of life website.