Tom Brady Announces Retirement


Mike Lizzi

“Tom Brady – New England Patriots” by Mike Lizzi is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

After 22 years in the big leagues, 7 Super Bowl rings, 84,520 passing yards, and going a total of 243-73-0, Tom Brady has officially announced his retirement from the NFL.

Tom Brady is thought of as the G.O.A.T by many football fans, Buccaneers fans or not. Hiscareer is made up of comebacks, game winners, and broken records. Although he may be seen as great now, it was not always like that.

Brady attended University of Michigan but he did not have a starting spot until his junior year. He was not a standout player and was very lucky to get drafted. Brady was the 199th pick.

After Brady got drafted to the Patriots, his hard work and skills really showed off and he was the starting quarterback within a year. As he went through his career as a quarterback, he dug a path through football that would inspire children to play the game for years to come.

For years now, there have been rumors of his retirement, so when ESPN came out with rumors about his retirement, we did not take it too seriously, until he posted his retirement plans a little bit after ESPN’s post.

For 20 of his 22 seasons, he played for the New England Patriots and it was not until 2 years ago that he played for the Buccaneers. During his first year playing for the Buccaneers, he took them to the Super Bowl, and this season took them to the semi-finals.

“I think that it is pretty cool that Brady chose to announce his retirement after the last game, he didn’t want a goodbye season, where he would get all the attention. He wanted to go out quietly” sophomore Alex Welch said.

Tom Brady’s story and accomplishments in the NFL will inspire many for years to come.