What do you want to see from us?


As we’re rolling into the second semester, with the many events and exciting things happening in the community and at FHS, we want to know what the student body wants to see from us!

Students were asked questions about what types of stories they’d like to hear from the B&G Today and these were just a few of their answers.

42.9% of poll respondents said stories in our community in Findlay were what they’d like to see most of, with the second place spot, 28.6% of respondents, saying FHS specific events were what they wanted to see most of.

Many students said they’d like to see information on student athletes that are making it big, and stories about our local entertainment industry, as well. Students suggested stories covering what kids our age are doing and what makes them successful in life and going into the adult world, as well as issues currently directly affecting FHS like COVID.

Other stories that students suggested they’d like to see from the B&G were interesting crimes or mysteries about Findlay, along with the history of our town. Additionally, students asked us to cover small businesses that are unseen or relatively new to our town to give them a bit of publicity.

In addition, a few suggested specific businesses they’d like to see articles on, like Dietchs’ Brothers Ice Cream and Amy May’s.

It was also popularly voted that B&G should report on the Millstream Career Center’s courses and what is offered from that portion of our school. Along with this, 100% of poll respondents said that they’d like to see information about the history of FHS and its programs, as well as the history of our town.

Finally, students said with opinion pieces they’d like us to try to keep politics out, but talk about decisions our school district/board are discussing, or new items being implemented at our schools.

We’re looking forward to a fantastic second semester at FHS and to begin working on some new stories fit to what the student body wants to hear and learn about from us.