Omicron comes to Hancock County

Since the beginning of 2019 the world has completely changed due to covid-19 Pandemic chaos , Damage that it has done to the economy and damage it has done to 95% of humans across the world. 705,264 of new covid cases have been reported as of January 5 by the CDC which as also stated by the CDC was “more than doubling the January 2021 peak.” This is just a general statement about the amount of covid cases in the US alone. Our own capital Columbus, Ohio and our own Hancock County have a small percentage in the large-scale on this number but locally have a big impact.

Covid has had big impact on schools across the state of Ohio because students, staff and parents all want to go back to having school the same as it once was again but due to covid it can’t quite be like that yet because of the amount of students and teachers getting sicks causing there to be a shortage of staff and causing students to be behind on work at any time.

Many schools in Hancock County have felt and been impacted by covid-19 and its variants. At the beginning of school back in the school year of 2020-2021 they mandated masks for all students and teachers and even had a hybrid and all remote schedule at one point. This school year Covid has gotten worse and more dangerous but yet there are many districts that haven’t even mandated masks or paid any attention to this topic “this is a big concern not just to us but the whole district of Findlay “ Maliyah Hunter stated.

In our county alone there has been 13,830 covid cases so far and 32 new cases each day with the population as of the 2020 census the population was 74,920 which means that at least 15% of people living in Hancock county have been affected by covid or currently have it and with the current shape of things that number is not going to get smaller.

Covid in schools is scary due to the amount of kids not being vaccinated , wearing a mask or taking any precautions to help stop the spread of covid let alone the fact that schools can tend to be kind of nasty and have been Known for having unsanitary variables this makes us all more vulnerable by the day . This leads into the suggestion of going back to the cherished “remote schedule” that almost every single kid in the district loves.  “It takes a lot of the stress out of school in general when we are remote” Chloe P. stated. which has also been said by many more students.

With Covid spreading more and more by the day it would be a good idea to wash your hands more often than usual, wear a mask while in places with a large amount of people such as school, stores, work or where ever you may be. Finally, it is a good idea to cover when you cough or sneeze due to the fact there are so many particles when you do either of those that if you cover it could be saving lots of people from getting sick .

With all of this covid being spread around the world it would be a good idea to at least consider getting the covid-19 vaccine and its boosters. The vaccine can cause you to feel unwell particularly the second has been reported to cause this. Although feeling sick for a short amount of time is not the best feeling in the world this will make it so later down the road when you possibly get covid it won’t make it as bad as it could have been . Many people including Hayden H has said it is “beneficial “ to get the Covid-19 vaccine .