MLB Baseball Lockout

The Major League baseball bargaining agreement set in place with the players expired Wednesday December 1 2021.With no extension or deal in place the MLB is likely to see it’s ninth work stoppage for the first time in 27 years.

The last work stoppage was in 1994 after a player strike caused MLB officials to cancel the World Series.It took almost a quarter century for the MLB to repair the damages done to their image.

“As far as I know my team in specific hasn’t been affected by the lockdown but it’s crazy to hear that the season might be postponed due to this,” FHS student Averonna Norton said.

All players had been informed Thursday December 2 2021 all players were informed that they were locked out until further notice.The last deal between the MLB and the MLBPA was made in 2016.

The currently ended agreement consisted of how long the season would be, What kind of per diem players receive on the road, and it also even addressed economics of the game.The owners locked the players out in hope to push the union into a more urgent state of negotiation.

“I really don’t see a reason for the lockout and honestly find it kinda pointless. The MLB shouldn’t be stopped just because people can’t make up their minds on a agreement,” Averonna said

This lockout is the exact opposite of a player strike.Since players don’t get paid during the off season,nor are there games,there’s nothing for the players to strike over.Instead the league chose to halt all player activity as it relates to their teams.

Until a new agreement is reached there are no free agent signings,no use of team facilities,and even no contact between the team and players.Because of this there is a chance spring training won’t start on time,using that period of time to push the issue.

This could lead to the MLB season starting late and possibly not getting the full 162 games that the season consists of.The sport itself lost a lot of money during the pandemic and starting late could pose another blow to the sport both economically and publicly.

“If I was a MLB player I would be upset by this. First I don’t know if my season would even start because of the lockout and then I don’t even know if I will get paid,” Averonna said