The Push on Raising the Debt Ceiling

Late in the evening of October 7 the senate voted to pass the bill raising the debt ceiling. This has caused controversy over many people involved in government as well as the President praising to the American people why raising the debt ceiling is good.

Raising the Debt ceiling would make it so the government could do more projects without reaching the limit of pay. This debt has been raised multiple times during the Obama administration and then Trump’s administration. The raise in debt has been blamed on Congress when it is the entire legislature that is at fault as well.

¨The voters just blame Congress in general. Yet the entire legislature is responsible¨ history teacher, Mr.Hankins, stated.

Hankins asks a concerning question. “Should the debt ceiling be raised?” To answer this question you have to look at the effects if the ceiling is raised and not raised.

¨In my opinion, congress should get rid of the debt ceiling and tie it to spending. If it’s tied to spending then when a spending bill is passed then the debt limit would increase with it¨ boxing coach and family man, Isaiah Romero, stated.

However having it tied to spending may not be so simple of an option to pick. You may have to raise it again the old fashioned way with Congress. With this is another question, how many times has this happened before or what has happened with this before.

¨Under the last administration, the debt ceiling was increased by $6.26 trillion. In the administration before it was increased by $8.6 trillion dollars¨ history teacher, Mr.Hankins, stated.

Overall the answer seems to be to raise the debt ceiling again. What would happen if we did not raise the debt ceiling? This is a question that will have to be answered soon.