Clean4Green Club

The club, Clean4Green, has started up for the 2020-21 school year and is prepared to get involved throughout FHS and the local community.

“Clean4Green is a club that spreads environmental preservation awareness throughout the community and we also do cleanups that will help clean up the community” junior Chloe Hughes said.

Hughes is the founder and president of the club. She explains what the reasoning behind the actual club is and how important it is to help spread awareness and clean up the local community in order to help a bigger cause.

“We had one clean up so far in collaboration with Key Club and we had a pretty successful turn out for how much trash we were able to collect” Hughes explained.

Due to the club being fairly new, there has only been one big clean up which took place in the student parking lot of FHS. The members of the club are also encouraged to download an app called Litterati to record any trash that the members come across and collect.

“We plan to expand the club by appointing certain people to be in charge of recruiting other students to just want to take better care of the environment or help with clean ups or possibly become a member of the club” Hughes said.

As well as these appointed leadership positions, the club plans to utilize social media platforms like Instagram to post images of the clean ups and infographics full of environmental preservation data to spread further awareness.

Around the school, Hughes says that posters will be hung up containing information about becoming more environmentally friendly throughout day to day life.

The club hopes to place multiple recycling bins throughout the halls of the school and in the student parking lot to reduce the amount of littering and waste found in these locations.

“We meet every Thursday before and after school in room 162, however, our members only have to attend one of the meetings” Hughes said.

The meetings are used to inform members of the possible upcoming events or clean ups or any other news of the club.

Hughes invites any students to join the club or simply help spread awareness of environmental preservation.