NCAA Men’s vs. Women’s Tournaments

The NCAA has faced backlash recently after players and fans alike brought attention to the differences between the Men’s and Women’s NCAA basketball tournaments.

“I think that it’s a good thing that there is awareness being brought to the differences, both men and women work really hard at their sport and women deserve to be treated equally throughout the tournament.” Reegan Hayward, fhs basketball player, says.

Viral photos showed the difference between a lavish top of the line weight room for the Men’s tournament, and a single rack of free weights on a concrete floor for the Women’s tournament.

“Everyone has seen the video of Sedona Prince showing the women’s weight room and I think it’s clear they deserve better.” Hayward says.

People online decided to speak up after seeing this, advocating for more equality and upgrades for the Women’s tournament.

“It’s really nice to know that people care about this issue, and it gives me hope for the future of women’s basketball.” Reegan Hayward says.

The vice president of the Women’s NCAA basketball program, Lynn Holzman, heard their voices and upgraded the Women’s weight room before the tournament had ended. Popular player, Sedona Prince, shared a post on Twitter thanking the NCAA for their efforts to change.

“Overall I really applaud the way the NCAA is now working to fix this issue, regardless of gender, we’re all there to play and watch a sport we love and the female athletes deserve to be recognized the same as the male athletes.” Hayward says.

NCAA president Emmert also spoke out, saying the NCAA would work harder on creating equality between the men’s and women’s tournaments, including a possible expansion of the name, “March Madness,” to the Women’s tournament. Keep an eye out for new additions to NCAA women’s basketball in the future.