March Madness Recap

With the craziness of this year and everything going on, March Madness has added to the crazy things that have gone on. With many upsets and many controversies, this March Madness is finally all wrapped up.

Mason Greenawalt said, “The tournament was crazy, so many upsets, very exciting and very unpredictable.”

The 2021 Tournament had many upsets, from the start of the tournament, to the end of the tournament, the upsets did not stop. With the season already being a weird season due to Covid-19, they moved March Madness to just one location, Indianapolis. This made all the games “even” because there was no home team advantage, which some would say would benefit the teams with a lower rank.

Kaleb Haubert said, “The bracket was very unpredictable, it was crazy, I have never seen so many upsets. I thought that the tournament was just crazy, it was an all around surprising tournament.”

The 2021 Champion is Baylor Bears, they beat the Gonzaga Bulldogs in the finals, 86 to 70. This was a little upset according to most basketball fans, most people chose Gonzaga to win the game over Baylor, but Baylor had dominated the game.

said, “I thought that Gonzaga was going to come all out, and win the game by a good amount of points, but we didn’t see that, we saw the opposite of that, a very poor game by Gonzaga, and a very good game by Baylor, I think that the nerves got to the players on Gonzaga. Maybe if they would have had a better last practice, they might have played better.”

The 2021 NCAA March Madness was for sure an odd one, not only due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus, but also the outcome of games, not many people had expected the outcome of this tournament.