Recipe for a perfect playlist

Everybody has made a playlist, whether it is a playlist to vibe to or cry to, everyone has made one… or tried to. So what really goes into concocting a perfect playlist?

“I love making playlists and it’s always good to have a playlist for everything, no matter what situation I’m in, a good playlist makes it so much better.” Sophomore, Ally Michael says.

The first thing every playlist needs, a mood. Your playlist might be hype, sad, perfect for long car rides, whatever it is, it’s important to set the tone by creating a good name for your playlist and that comes with deciding what mood your playlist will have.

“A good name always draws attention to a good playlist, and when the name matches the vibe of the songs, your playlist will be out of this world.” Michael says.

The next thing every playlist should have is your favorite song that matches your playlist’s mood.

“It’s always good to have your favorite song that matches the vibe because whenever that song comes on you’re guaranteed to get hype.” Ally Michael says.

A perfect playlist also needs a throwback that matches the mood.

“A good throwback song will get everyone to compliment your aux ability. Plus everyone will get nostalgic and excited to bring back good memories and make new ones.” Ally Michael says.

Next a perfect playlist needs a recent song that everyone knows.

“A recent song will get everyone in the mood to live in the now and it’ll make people excited to make new memories to a new song.” Michael says.

Finally a good playlist has a good picture as the cover, make sure the picture is one that matches the mood.

“Playlists covers are like the cherry on top to a good playlist, it’ll make the playlist look amazing and it’ll really set the tone.” Ally Michael says.

If you follow these suggestions, your playlist will be perfect.